Wooden Delights – Post One-Hundred-Sixty-Two

Inspiration: These lights in our church have been distracting me for almost a year now. They don’t distract me anymore (:

Today was pretty good. I did yoga and pilates. I also confirmed that I am as rigid as a board of wood. Haha (: I’ve decided to do Yoga every day, and pilates every other day. I’ve also decided to get a book of Yoga quotes, since they seem to be quite delightful. (:
For school today, I did a bunch of lessons on prefixes (such as macro-, micro-, in-, etc. etc.) I also did a test concerning aforementioned prefixes, and passed it with flying colors. Mhm (:
Tonight for church was great, too. Learned a bunch from a neat guy about how Christians aren’t doing as much as they could be doing, how God is being taken out of EVERYTHING in America, or is soon to be taken out of everything, etc. etc. Also, maybe planning a photoshoot this week in the pretty fall leaves (:


Au revoir,


Painting is Poetry that is Seen Rather than Felt, & Poetry is Painting that is Felt Rather than Seen ~ Leonardo De Vinci – Post One-Hundred-Three

So, I mentioned on my photography’s Facebook page that I had two ideas for something. Well . . . okay.

First idea – Start 365 project (B&w photos only) on my birthday (Sept. 5th) or the first day of the year (Jan. 1st)

Second idea – Start a blog on my birthday that only lasts for one year, discussing one particular subject, and deleting the blog after one year

Description of first idea:

  • All photos would be in black and white, maybe even consist of an emotion per month (if I could think up 12 emotions?)
  • It would either start on my birthday (to be a rebel (; cause that’s how I roll) or on Jan. 1st, traditionally
  • This was my idea, since I’ve been wanting to do one anyway, just for It (:

Description of second idea:

  • This was my mum’s idea (:
  • The blog would last 365 days and would be deleted within a week after the year had ended
  • It would consist of a specific subject that I would write about all year (hopefully once a day, but no promises)
  • It would not be a personal blog and would not go above Red Hero priority-wise; but, you would be able to access it from Red Hero and vice-versa

So . . . what do you all think? I have 2 weeks until my birthday, so if I decide to do it then, well you’ll all know. haha (:

If I do the 365 project, what should I base it on? And, should I make a whole separate blog for it, or just a page like the (107) project?

I like ideas and feedback (:

Au revoir,