Define this for my mind.
A despicable act towards
an unknown conscience.
Or maybe it was known,
but fear won’t allow admittance.
Allowance, was it allowed?
Whispers shout,
You can’t blame the urge.
Subconscious actions played a part
In the instant you can’t define.

My tongue twists in knots
Anger grips my throat
Threatening to break what little
resistance I have left.

Resistance, resist,
resisting, refuting,
Syllables collapse,
traipse past my eyes
My vision is sound
It hears the blood
running through my choked
grasp, running.

My Brother

My brother
is silent.
He does not 
ask heart-wrenching questions.
He comforts me
with sibling rivalry
Letting me know
that nothing
has changed.

At least,
with him.



Why? Why do we have to have days where we just simply feel no motivation? I don’t understand. I don’t want to waste this day, but I feel like a weight is holding me down.

What do you do when you’re feeling unmotivated?

(Re)Define: My Own Definition

Experience: to change a life.
Love: to let go of your comfort and create.
Living: to laugh in the face of your hardship and find the simple good.
Happiness: a choice.
Artist: one who creates something from how they see.
Capability: to take a chance and just do it.

& now it’s your turn.