The Red Hero Breathes New Life

Hello lovelies,

I am pleased to announce the rebirth of Red Hero. Though this blog still focuses mainly around my It List, I feel like it needs something else to help it steadily live on. I’ve pondered what I could do to help this blog (I’ve even thought of simply retiring it . . .) but before we meet our bitter end, I want to try one last thing.

Mondays;;  will focus primarily on traveling. Whether it be an adventure of my own or a dream I choose to share, this day will host a photo and possibly writing regarding traveling.

Wednesdays;; will be a day to share inspiration. This could be a video, a poem, a photo, art, or anything else I come to find (or you share with me) that inspires me and I wish to share with you.

Thursdays;; I will be writing a little something, or sharing a tidbit from whatever writing project I’m working on. Mostly it will just be more of my poetry.

Fridays;; on occasion, will focus on music. This will not be an every Friday habit. This will mainly be if I happen upon finding a song that is so hauntingly beautiful that it moves me to absolutely have to share it with you beautiful people.

I am going to try desperately to keep up with this. If this doesn’t work to inspire me to keep Red Hero running, I may have to take a hiatus. I suppose what my heart seems to be struggling with is two things: Time management, and losing sight of the purpose of this blog. I no longer see the purpose of posting day after day, probably because I’m hardly on the computer any longer. I will cry if I have to lay Red Hero to rest; it has been such a huge part of my life for so long, as have all of you.

What do all of you do when you’re feeling like this? Have you ever felt this way?



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