Continue to Grow and Evolve (Post Dix) – Post Six-Hundred-Seventy

I truly can’t believe I’m done with this small series already. It’s already been 10 days. How crazy is that? Tomorrow is the 3rd year anniversary of Red Hero. Through this blog, and through God, I’ve grown tremendously, and there is no sign of me stopping any time soon. Well, maybe with my height, but that was a lost cause years ago.

I think the most beautiful thing about living is we never cease learning. We never cease to lose an opportunity to grow, no matter how many times we make a mistake. We are given second chances consistently. We are always being challenged, urged, and pushed to make the best of this opportunity. We don’t always accept that, but when we do, I believe it’s the most gratifying feeling we have been granted to feel.

Never cease to take advantage of the opportunities granted you. Each chance you lose is one less chance you have before it’s it. Time is not something to waste or take advantage of; it is something precious beyond measure. Your chances will appear less; they will cease to come the moment you take your last breath.

Never, ever take advantage of this moment and say, “It will come again.” You never know if it will or not.

Au revoir,



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