Be Congruent, Be Authentic, Be Your True Self (Post Neuf) – Post Six-Hundred-Sixty-Nine

Dr. Seuss

Dr. Seuss (Photo credit: andymangold)

I’m probably the worst person to comment on this, simply because I haven’t had this problem ever since I was 13. Yeah, I’ve been lost as to who I am, but I’ve always been true to myself no matter what others have thought of me.

So maybe I can teach you something new.

When it comes to other people, I respect their opinions, but I also don’t let it change who I am unless God says. I respect myself enough to let me be as I am. I never change who I am for other people unless its what God says I should do. Watching others as I grew up change themselves and completely lose themselves in another human being scared me. I did not want to be someone who lost who they were through another person. It strengthened me to say enough is enough and to stand my ground.

I am stubborn. I am shy. I am outgoing and a bit of a loudmouth. I’m funny. I am extremely intelligent, I just need more time to think things through before I comment. I have moments of extreme quick-wit. I am a writer at heart. I’m loving, kind, selfish, confident, and at times insecure about my own decisions. I second-guess myself all the time. I have flaws, and I have virtues. I have many things to work on in my heart that God is slowly but surely weeding out, but this is part of my true self.

When I was about 12, there were these new people going to my church. I was so worried about what they thought about me that it was stressing me out. My wise Mum said to me, “You shouldn’t worry about the opinion of people who don’t matter. It’s those who matter that count.” From that moment on, I didn’t care what others thought about me. I didn’t care about what they thought of my appearance, my loudness, my outgoing personality. Most people found me adorable. Others did not like me and treated me accordingly. I did not let it put me down though.

Do not get me wrong: I still respect other people for who they are and if they are offended or I’m being rude, I quickly knock myself down a few notches to respect them. I don’t change who I am; I just tone it down for their sake.

My dear readers: You do not have to change yourself for anyone. The only One whose opinion of your heart, actions, etc. is Jesus. He is the only One that matters when it comes to yourself. Think like Dr. Seuss . . .

Au revoir,



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