Without Action You Aren’t Going Anywhere (Post Quatre) – Post Six-Hundred-Sixty-Two

It’s funny how it keeps turning out that these fundamentals have been on my mind long before I ever found the quote. Some of them have passed through my mind on and off while I toss them around and slowly apply them. Others I have implemented more recently through God opening my eyes.

As you guys know, I’ve been very adamant lately about chasing my dreams. I’m working towards a big item on my It list, I’ve been crossing more and more off of It, and I’m not letting anything slow me down. I’ve finally decided that I’m going to move forward and chase that dream I’ve timidly kept in the corner of my eye ever since I was a little girl.

I always tossed around the idea of becoming a writer. I mostly kept this to myself out of fear of being discouraged as many around me were in the habit of doing with anything that was not ‘traditional’ or ‘stable’. I tried photography for awhile – another unstable, nontraditional route, but I tried it. I do not regret this simply because it gave me the strength to stand against those who say “you can’t” without risking being discouraged from my first true love: writing.

I have flip-flopped back and forth many a time regarding my career. There are so many different aspects and scenarios to take into consideration that I veered away for quite awhile from deciding that path. I was afraid to take a step and make another mistake. This first mistake cost me a loan for $2,500 for something I didn’t even finish because I couldn’t afford to pay the rest myself.
For a year and nearly a half I’ve resented taking a step forward. So many what-ifs have popped into my head that it was frightening. I finally realized what a silly mistake I was making: I was letting my what-ifs run my life. Instead of praying and making a decision, I was letting my fear get in the way of what God wants for my life.
WHAT?! What is wrong with this picture?! Shouldn’t my fear be kicked in the rear with a loud ‘sayonara!’? I think yes.

So I fixed it. I prayed, and then I realized that what I was supposed to do was right in front of me the whole time. It’s something I’ve done with this blog for the past 3 years, and it’s something I’ve enjoyed ever since I was 5 years old and wrote my first ‘novels’ titled “My Horse Book” and “My Family Book” on printer paper. I should be WRITING. I should be a writer! God showed me that I was searching in all of the wrong places, and that He’d placed the desire in my heart this whole time.
So I went to the mall one day and bought a book for $5 called “How to Write What You Want and Sell What You Write” by Skip Press. Pretty much the best purchase I’ve made this year. I finished it within two weeks, and now I’m going back to college in the fall to study my Associate’s in order to get my Bachelor’s in either English, Literature, or Journalism. Why? Because I took action.

If you don’t try – if you don’t take action – you’ll never get anywhere. You’ll live in your dreams and let reality pass you by. You’ll never make an effort to see if it was what God has for you; if you have that desire, and you’re on the right path with Him, then maybe that’s a hint to take action.

Without action you aren’t going anywhere. Think about that. Without the man proposing, you wouldn’t be getting married. So without making an effort for your DREAM, it will never be anything but that: a dream.

Au revoir,



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