Fool’s Gold; I’ve Gone Too Far – Post Six-Hundred-Thirty-Two

Let me tell you, little girl,
That in that sweet smile of mine is a broken girl.
And in that heart of his is stolen moments.
A long way I’ve come
From his tangled lies to now.
 I fell head over for a foolish boy,
Dressed in sheepskin, he fed me falsities.
I gave my heart to a wolf,
And in return he’s shred it with his bare fangs.
I felt safe in the arms of a con man.
How could I have fooled my own heart?
I fell for his deceitful tongue;
The consequence a torn heart and broken soul.
I’ve gone too far, how is my heart not solid?
Sweet girl, please heed me when I say
He’s not always as he says he is.
Ignore your heart; it’s not always honest.


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