Prepare for the Sun – Post Six-Hundred-Thirty-Six


I am superbly thrilled. I was able to take my canon AE-1 to a shop called Camera World (yes, really) and it was a simple blonde-moment on my part. I’m so happy. Now to buy some film so I can have an adventure downtown and get this art free and lived for just awhile.

I have an interview tomorrow. Im so thankful and excited for it. I do wonder if I’ll be able to get it. Whatever God has for me, I’m thankful and ready for. Life is grand in my eyes, no matter what.

Au revoir,



PostScript – Post Six-Hundred-Thirty-Five


Acquiring an SLR
Acquiring a Polaroid
Finishing ‘The Notebook Theme’
Writing a novel
Seeing Paris in the Spring
Acquiring an old-fashion typewriter
Watching all of Judy Garland’s films
Singing in front of a group
Not speaking one word for a whole day
Learning Spanish, Italian, and French
Riding a Moped
Riding a horse with no saddle
Reading Kon Tiki
Creating my own personal library
Filling out a journal
Reading the Bible cover to cover
Reading Pilgrim’s Progress
Capturing love in a photograph
Starting a photography business
Earning a Medical Transcription certificate
Getting a job
Moving out
Spending a day at the Hawthorne District
Spending a day at the Saturday Market
Tattooing my side with meaning
Riding the bus
Taking a road trip to Forks, La Push and Port Angeles, Washington
Finishing a jawbreaker
Reading 20 books written about Jacqueline Kennedy
Reading “She Said Yes”
Watching the greatest movies filmed in 1939 and reading each film’s book
Watching all Alfred Hitchcock movies
Doing a 365 project
Acquiring a DSLR
Finishing “A Collection of Thoughts”
Seeing the Bodies exhibit
Taking care of a Bonsai tree
Publishing my Poetry as a book
Meeting a Person for Each Birthday of a Year
Opening my Own Gallery of my Best Work in Photography
Taking Art Classes to learn the technical side of Painting and Drawing
Spending a day in a field of red poppies taking a photoshoot and relaxing with my honey
Reading at least one book of all the author’s on the big painting in Barnes and Noble cafes
Creating a Heart shape with Polaroid photography I take
Reading all of Shakespeare & watching one movie for each
Spending a day at Ikea with my love
Watching all of Jane Seymour and Charlton Heston‘s movies
Seeing both of the homes I grew up in years from now
Having Kevin teach me how to use chopsticks
Completing the Marilyn Monroe mosaic puzzle
Filling a jar full of origami stars for each wish or prayer
Learning each of my heritage’s language
Attending a Midnight premiere
Being at Time Square, New York on New Year’s Eve
Being at the Beach when it Snows
Reading every book on the BBC 100 book list
Reading every Disney Classics’ movie based on a book
Not adding 1 item until 7 are crossed off
Having a Pen Pal from a different country
Listing at least 3 things I am thankful for each day for a year
Visiting Claude Monet’s house
Throwing a message in a bottle to the sea
Reading/Owning all of Nicholas Sparks’ books
Playing tictactoe in the sand on the beach
Throwing a dart at a map of the world and going where it lands
Riding an elephant
Posting 1 vocabulary word a day describing who I am for a year
Visiting South and North Carolina
Finding the old truck in the article my grandmother gave to me and taking a photo of it
Participating in Relay for Life
Eating breakfast at Tiffany’s in New York
Reading (at least) 1 book in a different language
Reading all 93 books that Jacqueline Kennedy edited
Visiting my great grandmother and great grandfather’s graves
Reading all (original) Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew books
Creating a 50-line poem with a photo associated to each line
Creating a daisy chain
Sending a post script to Postsecret

I’ve never made a daisy chain. I think I’d love to do it this summer while wearing a pretty sundress (:
I love this site. I love it’s beautiful, brutal honesty. I want to be brutally honest and just let something out. I won’t ever let you know what it is, but I will send it in someday. Someday soon . . .

Au revoir,


Freedom in the Sun – Post Six-Hundred-Thirty-Fout


I do believe this photo is the epitome of freedom. It expresses a heart of hesitance, yet a resonating yearning for freedom, forgiveness, and goodbyes.


Fool’s Gold; I’ve Gone Too Far – Post Six-Hundred-Thirty-Two

Let me tell you, little girl,
That in that sweet smile of mine is a broken girl.
And in that heart of his is stolen moments.
A long way I’ve come
From his tangled lies to now.
 I fell head over for a foolish boy,
Dressed in sheepskin, he fed me falsities.
I gave my heart to a wolf,
And in return he’s shred it with his bare fangs.
I felt safe in the arms of a con man.
How could I have fooled my own heart?
I fell for his deceitful tongue;
The consequence a torn heart and broken soul.
I’ve gone too far, how is my heart not solid?
Sweet girl, please heed me when I say
He’s not always as he says he is.
Ignore your heart; it’s not always honest.