Polaroid (Love) – Post Six-Hundred-Twenty-Five

So, for a few weeks (okay, maybe a month or two..) I’ve been fretting about the announcement of Picnik’s closure. I use Picnik as my editing software for all of my photos (sheepish grin..) so for them to be closing down, especially when I don’t have the money for Paint Shop Pro or the patience to attempt to use Gimp again or the RAM capacity on my little friend here (big breath), it was a bit disconcerting for awhile.
Today I took the time to look into other programs. Much to my chagrin, I found none. Upon discovering that I was most likely doomed, I searched for the reasons as to why Google is shutting down Picnik. There has to be a logical reason, right? Yes, that is right!
I found that they’re shutting them down so they can use (most) of the wondrous settings of Picnik to bring people to Google +. I know that sounds really sharky (if that even makes sense,) but I think it’s a smart business move, and I’m not going to complain when most of the tools I use are still available to me.

So, fellow Picnik lovers, do not fear! Most of their awesome features (even a lot of their premium ones) are on Google +! They could also still be adding, seeing how it’s only March 16th, and they have until April 19th.

I must add, though, that I dearly love their new Polaroid feature..

Au revoir,



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