Stop the Flood Gates – Post Six-Hundred-Twenty-One

I am so frustrated with my mind and my tongue. I have images that inspire words, conquering my mind day in and day out, and yet I cannot speak. There is a thin veil between my mind and the tools I use to formulate what haunts me in order to rid of it. My hand is reaching through, yet I cannot grasp it. It’s almost like a thin veil of glass that melts in my hand; I grasp the words, but I cannot feel them. I cannot know them by their shape or touch.
What is preventing me? I feel like something has put a lock on my mind and swallowed the key. I feel so close, I’m so close to opening it back up, but nothing is working. Am I holding myself back? I couldn’t answer that. I couldn’t answer any question you might have about ‘why?’ It’s just something that is as of now.
I hope it leaves soon . . .

Au revoir,



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