Oh, What a Life – Post Six-Hundred-Eighteen

Everything has been so fast-paced. Tragedies have occurred, beautiful things have come to light, and simple moments have come and gone without being forgotten. Next weekend I will cross off what I think is a very important item on It: throwing a message in a bottle to the sea. Now . . this was a hard decision to make, but . . I’m not going to post the message.  It’s not that it contains any secrets, it’s that I believe it takes the beauty out of what I’m trying to do. I’m trying to free myself of some chains that have been holding me back, and if I have a reminder on here of what those chains were, it may defeat the purpose.
After I’ve crossed this item off, I have 2 more I’ll be aiming for: eating breakfast at Tiffany’s, and tattooing my side with meaning. Gotta love life. (:


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