Of Lust and Love – Post Six-Hundred-Six

Of lust and love;
A sweet sensation
A correlation between want and need.
A forked road for our hearts to beat on.
Right or wrong, don’t we always believe
That what we feel isn’t always what we see?
A physical want,
An emotional need,
Yet both can tear.
Devastatingly seductive,
Horrifically misleading.
Tears of glass dwindle down
A most common virus,
Passing from one glance to the next;
Immunity is but a dream.
Shield as you might,
You’ll always succumb to the want,
And you’ll always leave searching eyes for the need.

Oh passing glance, how you fool me,
Your trickery an age-old fault.
Sweet love, vicious lust.
Neither can pass through me now.

Au revoir,


P.S. Chris decided to challenge me: He gave me a title and dared me to write about it on the spot. His mother also took on the challenge. Maybe I’ll post hers, later, if she’ll allow it. (:


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