Silent Night, Soul’s Delight – Post Six-Hundred

Friday night was tremendous.
My boyfriend, his brother, and I went downtown for the great tree lighting ceremony. We tried meeting up with my best friend, but the crowd was so thick that it was impossible to find her. We waited 30 minutes alone just to get our coffee! It was exciting!
Within 5 minutes of our arriving the tree was lit! It was a beautiful site. Next year we will be arriving at a much earlier time, that’s for sure. And I won’t be forgetting my camera.

After the tree was lit, we’d gotten our coffees, and we had explored Pioneer Square a bit, we decided to check out this local band. I cannot recall their name (& I’ve been kicking myself for not finding it out) but they were magnificent! They were a mixture of jazz and screamo music. I normally dislike screamo music, but their mix of it was beautiful, lovely, and bled right through you.

Imagine this: A local band, playing late at night on a corner of downtown Portland, with a decent-sized crowd, half of them dancing, and half of them swaying, while all are either screaming, singing, humming, or doing something to go along with the music. How lovely.

Au revoir,



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