Appearances Can Be Misleading – Post Five-Hundred-Ninety-One

I’ve thought a lot lately about how appearances correlate with how we view ourselves to act towards others. We dress a certain way to appear a certain way towards another. For example, some people dress to appear laid back, or like the ‘everything rolls off my back, no worries’ type of person. Is that true to ourselves, though? Are we dressing according to how we truly act, or are we just making an appearance?

You see a prim and proper lady, and assume she’s a prissy type. You see the more ‘hipster’-type, and assume that they have no worries, be happy. Most times, though, they are the opposite of their appearance. There are so many layers to each of us individually.
It’s kind of interesting, to be honest. To think about which layer we choose to broadcast more vibrantly, and how sincerely misleading it all can be.

Au revoir,



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