Spread Love; A Choice – Post Five-Hundred-Eighty-Nine

Every day I have a choice. I have a choice to spread one of two things: Happiness or sadness. Patience is love, love is kind, kindness is filled with patience for the wearisome. Tolerance is a choice, not a skill. Love is a choice. Patience is a choice. Everything is a choice.

Our choices are a reflection of our thoughts; a reflection of our priorities.
It is always one way or the other: Me, or Them.
Who is first?
Love is not selfish. Love is not self-focused.
Every day is a choice between self and love.

To focus wholly on oneself is sadness. Sadness is linked with selfishness.

I want you to be happy just for the sake of being happy. Kindness makes one happy. Patience makes one happy. It brings joy.

What do you want to bring to one’s life? Happiness, or sadness?
Each choice you make spreads one or the other.

Make a choice, right now.

Au revoir,



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