Whirlwind – Post Five-Hundred-Seventy-Seven

Life is a busy whirlwind of colors. Sometimes you’re a vibrant yellow, feeling as if nothing can stop you. At other times, you’re grey all over. Every once in awhile, after life has thrown too many stones, you’re a bit red and green, with maybe even a hint of blue. It’s interesting how vast our lives can be.
I feel more like a spinning wheel every day; Life decides to throw all sorts of colors at me every chance it gets. I’m like God’s promise waiting to be fulfilled, waiting to show the world that I’m never going back there.

Just let me get past my There. Open my chest, and you’ll see all the dull, dangerous colors God has replaced with beautiful ones. You’ll see the vast rainbows God has filled my soul with.

What a beautiful image.

Au revoir,



P.S. Inspired by T.


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