Day 353 – Post Five-Hundred-Fifty-One

Inspiration: Summer rains/thunderstorms.

Today was great (: We had giant raindrops and thunder with lightning! It was perfect. The lightning is still happening.
I finished editing Madi’s photos from yesterday afternoon/evening, and they turned out so awesome! Now her mum wants me to take photos of all 3 kids, so I’ll be doing that tomorrow (: I went to church and said goodbye to everyone. I also went out for some late night Mexican with a few of my friends from church. That was fun. Madi ordered these ‘carne fries’ or something for me . . . way too much food. Wayyyy too much food. Haha. I ate maybe half, with the help of Madi and my Italian mobster friend. It was a good day. (: I’m going to miss everyone dearly though. I can’t wait to visit.

Au revoir,



One thought on “Day 353 – Post Five-Hundred-Fifty-One

  1. A little jealous you have an Italian mobster friend… Glad you had such a fun time! Friendship is so important. =]

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