Day 351 – Post Five-Hundred-Forty-Eight


Inspiration: Sacrifice.

Today has been good. (: I’m watching “The Waltons” right now. It’s pretty awesome. I’ve never sat down to watch it before, but I like it for sure! I still have yet to find that blasted bike lock key. That ought to be interesting. I’ve had a headache all day, too. I’mma slap it if it doesn’t stop. 😛
I decided that I’m going to restart my thankful, beni project. I’ve missed so many days that it would be crook of me to say that I finished it.  So, I need to set a date and restart it. Maybe I’ll restart it on Thanksgiving again. (:
I also realized that I missed my 2 year anniversary for my blog.. ): I feel horrid. I’m going to write up a post about it though. I have a few thoughts floating around my mind about It.

Au revoir,



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