Day 344 – Post Five-Hundred-Forty


Inspiration: Follow.

Today a friend and I walked all the way to the local ice cream shop and pizza parlor. It was about 2 miles, give or take. It was hot. Very, very hot. Haha. But soo worth it. Then we met up with a couple of friends and walked back, snuck into her sister’s pool, swam for a bit, and then walked back home and did.. I don’t even know, haha. I slept for a couple of hours, and then my friend did my makeup.. haha. She hasn’t done makeup with blue eyes, only brown, so it was challenging and fun for her.
I had forgotten how much I love to swim. I can’t wait to move to my aunt’s because the place she lives has a swimming pool in it. I need to re-learn how to swim without plugging my nose, though. (:

Au revoir,



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