Day 342 – Post Five-Hundred-Thirty-Eight


Inspiration: Harmony.

First day not waking up with a headache! Yes! I miss having a clear head. Aside from that awesomeness: My room is completely packed! And, I’m leaving for Portland either the 26th or 27th! I’m so excited! It’s kind of sad to see my room so empty, though. Well, sort of empty. More like in boxes. Four medium boxes, four book boxes (yes, four, and I didn’t even get all of the books. The rest are scattered in the medium boxes,) one random box, and two suitcases to be exact. Kind of sad. I have a lot more stuff than I thought I did.
I finished “The Help” today. I hate the ending, but I think it was appropriate. Poor Mae Mobley has to deal with that awful Miss Leefolt for the rest of her life. Awful woman. Poor baby.
Okay, I’ll shush.

Au revoir,



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