(365), Flowers and Cloudy Days – Post One-Hundred-Five

I don’t know how many of you follow my (107) project, but just in case some (or all, haha) of you don’t, I have an announcement of superb awesomeness to make (:

I have decided to do a (365) project (: starting in 8 days, I will post one (or more) photo(s) a day, all black and white, focusing on abstract findings. Lines, shadows, shapes. Most of my photos will be digital, not film, but I will try to get some film prints on here too (:

I decided to start on September 5th for the following reasons: most people start on January 1st; I am not most people. People start on January 1st because they view this date as a ‘new beginning’. Like I mentioned in an earlier post, my new beginning is Autumn. Maybe its because its my birthday, or maybe its just because of the intricate irony of the season of dying beauty feeling like a new beginning for me, who knows. But September seemed to be the perfect time for me to start. I chose the 5th because its my birthday, its the start of a new year for me.

I hope you all like this new project. Just think; its another item to cross off It (: I’m really, actually, excited for it. It’ll be great (:

Its pretty cloudy today. I hope its not too cold when I go to work. On the good side, I work tonight, tomorrow and Monday, then I’m off for 3 days. Whatever shall I do with my time? Oh yeah, I know. READ!

If you haven’t read Anna Karenina, and you enjoy reading, this novel is definitely something you should read. Its one of those rare, beautiful pieces that just grabs your heart and refuses to let go. Its expressive. They talk of a spring day, you feel that spring day. You’re in that spring day. You’re walking through the muddy ground, watching the peasants do their work and observing the reaction between master and servant, all the while feeling the cool air and tasting the dew on your tongue. I don’t know how Leo Tolstoy did it, but he did. And I’m so very happy he did!

Au revoir,


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