Painting is Poetry that is Seen Rather than Felt, & Poetry is Painting that is Felt Rather than Seen ~ Leonardo De Vinci – Post One-Hundred-Three

So, I mentioned on my photography’s Facebook page that I had two ideas for something. Well . . . okay.

First idea – Start 365 project (B&w photos only) on my birthday (Sept. 5th) or the first day of the year (Jan. 1st)

Second idea – Start a blog on my birthday that only lasts for one year, discussing one particular subject, and deleting the blog after one year

Description of first idea:

  • All photos would be in black and white, maybe even consist of an emotion per month (if I could think up 12 emotions?)
  • It would either start on my birthday (to be a rebel (; cause that’s how I roll) or on Jan. 1st, traditionally
  • This was my idea, since I’ve been wanting to do one anyway, just for It (:

Description of second idea:

  • This was my mum’s idea (:
  • The blog would last 365 days and would be deleted within a week after the year had ended
  • It would consist of a specific subject that I would write about all year (hopefully once a day, but no promises)
  • It would not be a personal blog and would not go above Red Hero priority-wise; but, you would be able to access it from Red Hero and vice-versa

So . . . what do you all think? I have 2 weeks until my birthday, so if I decide to do it then, well you’ll all know. haha (:

If I do the 365 project, what should I base it on? And, should I make a whole separate blog for it, or just a page like the (107) project?

I like ideas and feedback (:

Au revoir,


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