There’s Never a Dream Better Than This – Post One Hundred

So, I’m sure you all wonder why I even started this blog. Well, to be honest, its a whole pot full of reasons. There’s not one reason that can describe the whole thought process. So, I suppose . . . I’ll just post all the reasons I can come up with.

I started it to post inspiration to look back on. I started it because a friend inspired me with the name. I started it to inspire others . . .
I needed an outlet, so I created one.  I wanted to create an inspiration board, a journal, something to reflect on, all in one place. I wanted to give others a chance to see something different about me that I don’t get to share, and that I never know how to speak about or describe. Its hard for me to talk on the spot. I’ve never been good at it, I fumble over my words and say the wrong thing because I always feel like I don’t even have a second to think over what I should say.

With It, I wanted to feel accomplished. I mean, take a look at all the items on It; imagine what it takes to cross off all those items? Seeing Paris in the Spring? It’ll be a great feeling when I finish It, if I ever do. I’ll be surprised if I even get halfway through It, let alone completely cross everything off. Wouldn’t that be amazing?

So . . . I guess that’s why. Its kind of a jumble, but it all makes sense to me.

Au revoir,


P.S. Happy 1 year, Red Hero (: When you’ve only got 100 years to live . . .

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