Today, Tomorrow, & All the Days Following – Post Ninety-Nine

Today is the day that I will get to see him again (: I am so excited. I hope I’m able to fill my morning with enough things to pass the time.

We are going out to lunch, I’m going to show him the new park they put in and all the cutesy shops in downtown, introduce him to a couple friends at the library (if they’re working) and just talk. That’s what I’m most excited for. Just sitting together and talking, praying, relaxing, enjoying each other’s company. We haven’t really been able to do that for awhile. Every time I’ve come up (for the most part) its been busy busy busy. So I’m really looking forward to that (: He will be here from today through Thursday, maybe Saturday, and BIG maybe Sunday. It all depends on the people he’s staying with and when they have to go.

So, what’s on my list for today?

Maybe a shower (depending on if my hair likes me today)
Getting ready
Bike riding downtown
Waiting at the local coffee shop and park
Taking lots of photos (:
Enjoying him.

I’m so excited (: I’ll also be taking his senior photos for him, since this is one of the few chances we’ll have. So expect lots of new photos (:

Au revoir,


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