“As soon as you notice your first wrinkle and your first white hair, sigh with ease. You are well on your way to becoming who you always wanted to be.” Veronique Vienne – Post Ninety-Eight

The French are such interesting people. I’m reading a book about the French woman and her style, and its what we American women dream to be: carefree about our bodies, but conscious about the effort to take care of them, accepting of our imperfections and accentuating our unique bodies. Of course they probably have their insecurities at times, too. Its only human. But they don’t strive to be perfect; they accept their body as it is and draw attention to the beauty of their bodies. Its magnificent.

Anyway. Kevin comes to visit me tomorrow (: I am very excited to see him. I’m going to show him around town, we’re going to have lunch, and take photos together. I will also be doing his senior photos (: Isn’t that exciting? I’ve missed him so much. It’ll be such a blessing to finally see him and just sit and talk together.

Au revoir,


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