Random thoughts – Post Thirty-One

I’d like a bike to ride to town
I’d sing and peddle and ride around
Oh how I’d love a bike to ride
Then you and I could try and find
That road that leads to Lovers’ Lane
Just 3 blocks down, right off Main
Or was it where our Willow meets
The ice cream man who sells his treats?

Just a random poem. (:

Au revoir.

Oh How I’d Love To Win…

Epiphanie bags is holding an amazing contest where you can either win a new Canon EOS 5D or a $2500 gift card to Southwest Airlines… oo lala, I’m in love.

Pray I can win this! More info on the contest here:http://www.haveanepiphanie.com/home/2010/2/28/epiphanie-give-away.html?lastPage=true&postSubmitted=true

I got one Magic Trick; just one and that’s it – Post Thirty

New favorite band: She and Him. If I were you, I’d listen. I’m hoping to go to their concert that’ll be close by me. It would be my first concert; so appropriate (:

Why don’t you sit right down and make me smile. You make me feel like I am such a child. Why do you end it? Just give me credit. I’m just sitting on the self.” – “Why do You Let Me Stay Here?” She and Him

A living, artistically created, idealized vision of a tree, cultivated in a container. – Will Heath – Post Twenty-Nine

The It List

Acquiring an SLR
Acquiring a Polaroid
Finishing ‘The Notebook Theme’
Writing a novel
Seeing Paris in the Spring
Acquiring an old-fashion typewriter
Watching all of Judy Garland’s films
Singing in front of a group
Not speaking one word for a whole day
Learning Spanish, Italian, and French
Riding a Moped
Riding a horse with no saddle
Reading Kon Tiki
Creating my own personal library
Filling out a journal
Reading the Bible cover to cover
Reading Pilgrim’s Progress
Capturing love in a photograph
Starting a photography business
Earning a Medical Transcription certificate
Getting a job
Moving out
Spending a day at the Hawthorne District
Spending a day at the Saturday Market
Tattooing my side with meaning
Riding the bus
Taking a road trip to Forks, La Push and Port Angeles, Washington
Finishing a jawbreaker
Reading every book written about Jacqueline Kennedy
Reading “She Said Yes”
Watching the greatest movies filmed in 1939 and reading each film’s book
Watching all Alfred Hitchcock movies
Doing a 365 project
Acquiring a DSLR
Finishing “A Collection of Thoughts”
Seeing the Bodies exhibit
Taking care of a Bonsai tree
Publishing my Poetry as a book

Before I explain the newest additions to It, I want to apologize for putting this blog/journal on the back burner.  I’ve been busy with quite a few things, but I promise to post more often!

That said, why did I add those two items? Well, I’ve always found Bonsais fascinating, and wondered how to acquire/take care of one. Now, with the poetry . . . I have so much of it, that I think its time to share it with the world. I’ll have to research how to go about this, but I doubt this will be for a long, long time.

Until next time.