Thankful! – Post Sixteen

Oh, this is the day
A day of giving thanks
For cherished hearts and dreams and smiles
For loving exchanges and warm, hearty meals
Oh how I love this day.


Just a random thought.


Happy Thanksgiving :]


By the way, what are you thankful for?

The Classics – Post Fifteen

The It List

Acquiring an SLR
Acquiring a Polaroid
Finishing ‘The Notebook Theme’
Writing a novel
Seeing Paris in the Spring
Acquiring an old-fashion typewriter
Watching all of Judy Garland’s films
Singing in front of a group
Not speaking one word for a whole day
Learning Spanish, Italian, and French
Riding a Moped
Riding a horse with no saddle
Reading Kon Tiki
Creating my own personal library
Filling out a journal
Reading the Bible cover to cover
Reading Pilgrim’s Progress
Capturing Love in a Photograph
Starting a photography business
Earning a Medical Transcription certificate
Getting a job
Moving out
Spending a day at the Hawthorne District
Spending a day at the Saturday Market
Tattooing my side with meaning
Riding the bus
Taking a road trip to Forks, La Push, and Port Angeles, WA
Finishing a jawbreaker
Reading every book written about Jacqueline Kennedy
Reading “She Said Yes”
Watching the greatest movies filmed in 1939 and reading each film’s book
Watching all Alfred Hitchcock movies

Apparently 1939 was the biggest year of movies for Hollywood. Gone with Wind, the Wizard of Oz, Wuthering Heights . . .  and quite a few more.
Alfred Hitchcock is also a pretty amazing director. I own “The Trouble With Harry” and recently watched “Rear Window”. I’m also currently watching “Sabeteour”. Amazing stuff :]

Oh how I love the classics :]

Oh, and I’ll slowly be adding pages with lists of the books I want to read (Jackie O list), the movies I want to see (Judy Garland list), and one particular page that explains each It List item and why I want to do it.